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News announcement9 October 2023Joint Research Centre1 min read

Shining A Light on Algorithmic Systems That Affect Our Daily Lives

Join the next edition of CONNECT University on October 11 to hear from our team at ECAT

Connect University Autumn School
European Commission

In today's digital age, artificial-intelligence-based algorithmic systems, such as search engines and recommender systems, are becoming increasingly prevalent and important. They determine the content we see on our social media feeds and help us filter the news that we consume. However, their inner workings often remain mostly a mystery to their users, including any possibilities for them to directly influence how they work.

That's where this session comes in. Together with CNECT, the European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency (ECAT) will contribute to a safer, more predictable and trusted online environment for people and business. We will go through how it plans to contribute with scientific and technical expertise to improve our understanding of how algorithms work, by analysing transparency, assessing risks, and proposing transparent approaches and best practices.


  • PALTOGLOU Georgios, Policy Officer Unit CNECT F2 Digital Services
  • PENA Alberto, Head of Unit JRC T.3 - Algorithmic Transparency
  • GOMEZ Emilia, Lead Scientist JRC T.3
  • SOLER GARRIDO Josep, Team Leader JRC T.3

CONNECT University Autumn School - Online Platforms Ecosystem

This event is part of the wider programme of CONNECT University Autumn School, which in this edition is diving into the Online Platforms Ecosystem. The digital revolution and the rise of online platforms have had a profound impact on both the economy and European society. As these platforms continue to grow in popularity and influence, it has become increasingly important for policymakers in the EU to develop comprehensive policies that address the various challenges and opportunities they present. 

Event date

Wednesday, October 11 @ 10 - 12h

Register here


Publication date
9 October 2023
Joint Research Centre