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News article2 February 2024Joint Research Centre1 min read

DSA hackathon - the winners have been announced!

Today, ECAT co-hosted a hackathon with DG Connect and the French Center of Expertise for Digital Platform Regulation, PEReN.

Three hackathon participants stare at their screens
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In anticipation of the Digital Services Act (DSA) coming into full force on 17 February, the hackathon drew teams from across Europe to central Brussels, where they competed to develop state-of-the-art technology to investigate platform data made available by the DSA. 

Their efforts built on work carried out by participants in the hackathon’s first challenge, where the aim was to create tools to collect and structure publicly available platform data.

Hackathon participants discuss ideas among themselves
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Both of the challenges will help to look ‘under the hood’ of algorithms that impact our daily lives, from shopping habits to social interactions, which is crucial to understand their impact on society and mitigate any negative effects.

With over 50 participants taking part, and many creative and interesting solutions generated, several submissions were in the running for the jury deliberations, and eventually the winning team was selected; the prize of €2,500 went to Dream Tim for their tool drawing on open source language models to provide substantiated answers to questions about platform data. Huge congratulations to the hard-working team members Alexandre Variengien, Charbel-Raphael Segerie and Diego Dorn.

Hackathon winners pose with a big check
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All the tools developed during the hackathon will be made publicly available on PEReN’s GitLab in the near future.

To learn more about the data access provisions in the DSA, see this FAQs.


Publication date
2 February 2024
Joint Research Centre