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Arman Noroozian

Arman Noroozian (PhD) is a senior research scientist at the European Center for Algorithmic Transparency (ECAT) where he currently contributes scientific and technical expertise in support of policy and regulation in the contexts of online intermediaries and platforms (Digital Services Act - DSA), as well as artificial intelligence technology (AI Act). He obtained his doctoral degree form Delft university of Technology (NL) and continues to examine and publish on problems in the intersection of technology and society. By blending his background in computer sciences - in particular AI, cybersecurity, and Internet measurements - with other empirical research from broader interdisciplinary areas of inquiry such as computational social sciences and economics - he helps measure technology's spread and effects, potential harms, understand its causes, and search for potential mitigations / solutions whether it be through technical means, or through non-technical means such as aligning incentives, policy and/or regulation.



Selected publications:

Fabio Votta, Arman Noroozian, Tom Dobber, Natali Helberger, Claes de Vreese (2023). "Going Micro to Go Negative: Targeting Toxicity using Facebook and Instagram Ads". Computational Communication Research, 5(1), pp. 1–50.

Arman Noroozian, Elsa Turcios Rodriguez, Elmer Lastdrager, Takahiro Kasama, Michel van Eeten and Carlos H. Ganan. "Can ISPs Help Mitigate IoT Malware? A Longitudinal Study of Broadband ISP Security Efforts". Proceedings of the 2021 IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P).

A. Noroozian, J. Koenders, E. Van Veldhuizen, C. H. Ganan, S. Alrwais, D. McCoy, and M. Van Eeten, “Platforms in Everything: Analyzing Ground-Truth Data on the Anatomy and Economics of Bullet-Proof Hosting”. In Proc. of 28th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security), 2019, pp. 1341–1356.

A. Noroozian, M. Korczynski, C. Ganan, D. Makita, K. Yoshioka, M. Van Eeten (2016). "Who Gets the Boot? Analyzing Victimization by DDoS-as-a-Service". In Proc. of Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses (RAID) 2016, pp. 368–389.

A. Noroozian, M. Korczynski, S. TajalizadehKhoob, M. Van Eeten (2015). "Developing Security Reputation Metrics for Hosting Providers". In Proc. of USENIX CSET 2015.