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Arianna Sala

Arianna has a BSc and a PhD in Psychology (from the University of Florence and the University of Seville) and has been a postdoctoral researcher in Social Anthropology (Federal University of Santa Catarina, BR). She has been in charge of qualitative research projects in the field of education, gender studies and policy evaluation for over twelve years and has been a researcher in several universities, public institutions, International Organizations (such as UN Women and the OEI), and private companies, in Spain and Brazil. At the JRC, she has been the first author of “LifeComp, the European Framework for the Personal, Social and Learning to learn Key Competence” and “LifeComp into Action: teaching Life skills in the classroom and beyond” focusing on the promotion of Socio-Emotional Competences through formal and non-formal education. Her current research interest lies in the impact of social media and online platforms’ use on adolescents’ well-being and mental health.